【Ambion Lighting】使用方式

【Ambion Lighting】使用方式

Ambion Lighting是一個將品質融入設計和設計並融入生活的品牌。 



  1. 專家建議鹽燈需要24小時保持開啟,若燈泡不亮了請立即更換燈泡
  2. 鹽燈表面有灰塵,可使用濕布輕輕擦拭即可
  3. 可將自己喜愛的精油直接滴在鹽燈上,將透過鹽礦的熱度散發精油香氣

Ambion Lighting is a brand that seamlessly blends quality into design and design into life. We believe in accentuating the harmony between the beauty of nature and contemporary design, which is why the name Ambion implies the positive ambience that is achieved through a high concentration of negative ions, as found in nature, and created by this range of incredible salt lamps.